Exr-IO Blender Render Elements Tutorial

Exr-IO – Automate Blender Workflow

Blender Daily has published a short but comprehensive tutorial how to use our Exr-IO free Blender script to automate saving render elements in Blender. Check out his tutorials!

Exr Auto-Pass Saver for Blender

Link all render passes in Blender to a new EXR-mulitlayer save node.
Exr Auto Save Pass Saver Python Script which automatically creates an Exr MultiLayer Node, copy all Pass Nodes to it and links all Render Layer nodes between them.

MultiLayer Exr images created in Blender are optimal image editing material for compositing or retouching in applications like Adobe Photoshop, Fusion or Nuke.

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This script works in combination with any Blender renderer supporting Mulitlayer Pass Nodes.
They can be imported in Photoshop using Exr-IO importer.

Work in Photoshop as others do in professional compositing software

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