exr-io group layers explanation

Cryptomatte in 3dsMax with V-Ray 5

In Architectural Visualization extracting masks correctly from the renderer is pretty important because the post-processing (especially when the Clients ask for changes) can shorten up the sign-off of an image or a video.

For many years the only correct method to output masks from the renderer has been the MultiMatte in V-Ray but the cost of that was to assign Object ID’s or Material ID’s directly in the 3dsMax scene. From now on, because Photoshop can handle it, here in SoA we are changing our workflow by mainly using the Cryptomatte.

Exr-IO is used with combination with Vray 5, which you can download here:

SAO Academy:
This tutorial was created and published by SAO Academy. You can visit their Homepage for more informations:

Cryptomatte in 3dsMax with V-Ray 5

In case the page is down, here the web-archive PDF, courtesy SOA Academy:


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