Exr-IO 2.06.00 Update

3D and Photoshop Artists all over the world have noticed some missing features in the EXR-IO architecture. To round up the things, we have added all feature requests from our Discord Channel from the last months.

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Exr-IO 2.06.00 Update Log:

  • Support saving of grayscale images.
  • Add support for smart objects.
  • Improve support for non-standard channel names (like RED GREEN BLUE ALPHA).

More fixes and optimizations:

  • ID layer colorization no longer uses a heuristic for auto-detection. It now colorizes all single channel integer layers in the file if the corresponding user option is enabled.
  • ID layer colorization is adjusted to make colors more distinct for various special cases.
  • Fix some rare layer issues due to incorrect ordering of alpha channels.
  • Fix a problem with the installer where certain old versions of Photoshop didn’t have their plug-in directory identified correctly.
Exr-IO v2.06 Grayscale file linking support

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